"We forgot to play"

Tiptoe to the top
of my lungs,
to the tip of my tongue.
Show me a way through the storm.

We were running,
we were fighting,
we were earning the scars of our smiles.
We were thinking we knew the story,
we were too brave to cry,
we were too weak to see the break.
We were lost in delight,
playing with the fire of sunlight,
forgetting the wisdom of the forest,
allowing our dreams to unwrite the sky.

We forgot to listen.

We forgot all teaching.

We forgot the singing.

We forgot the dancing.

We were bigger than the story,
we broke our feet on the path
of our meeting.

You were the colors and I was the sound.
You were the warrior and I was the sun.
We forgot to pray,

                               We forgot to play.




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