"Come on, we're in the city!"

Come on, we’re in the city,
Come on,
Come on,
Come on, we’re in the folly,

Come on, jump the fence, we’re dancing
Come on,
Be the man
Who swirls,
Who sings
With the girls,

Be the soul who runs home from the forest,

They’ve been waiting,
They’ve been chanting,
They’ve been waiting,
They’ve been drumming,

Come on, they’re all here
Come on, they all live,
Come on, they’re talking
Come on, they’re praying,

This is it,
This is here,
This is now,
This is how we get down,

This is how we want it,
This how we do it,
This is life coming,
This is life singing.

Yes, come on, come on,

Come on home,
Come on home,

To the gate,
To the fate,
To the feast,
To the beats,

This is what we do,
Before death
Before life,
Before silence.




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